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Jan 19, 2012

Book Blog Tour: Book Playlist for Concealed by Sang Kromah

Today, I have a super awesome guest post written by Sang Kromah to share with all of you. Why do I say super awesome? Well, first of all, because I said so. ;) And because....it involves MUSIC. #Winning Woot woot! Let's get to it shall we?

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Concealed Playlist

Concealed is written in first person narrative, so in order for me to write effectively, I have to obliterate Sang and become Bijou. It may sound crazy, but while I’m in writing mode I have to become her in order to view the world through her eyes. It makes me kind of crazy at times, and I’ve gotten so good at it that my own mom calls me Bijou at times, because she insists on talking to me when I write, even though I ask for solitude. Kinda crazy, but hella effective.

By now, a few of you have already read Concealed and know that Bijou is an empath, so she’s uber emotional…sometimes a total spazz as well. While writing, music helped made everything feel more intensely and it helped me become Bijou.

So, anyway, here are a few of the songs that helped bring Concealed to life. A few of the artists you may have never heard of because I listen to a lot of indie, underground, and/or international stuff. I promise they’re awesome. Give ‘em a listen and tell Momo what you think.

  1. Come On and Go - Scout
  2. Charge- Splendid
  3. Malice In Wonderland- The Noisettes
  4. All a Lie- 78 SAAB
  5. Key- Devics
  6. Paranoid Android- Radiohead
  7. Flesh and Bone- Brendan Benson
  8. Hallelujah- Jeff Buckley
  9. The Funeral- Band of Horses
  10. Time- Wolf People (Pink Floyd Cover)
  11. The Pageant of The Bizarre- Zero 7
  12. Hypnotized- System of a Down
  13. John Lennon- Citizen Cope
  14. We All Try - Frank Ocean
  15. Jumper- Third Eye Blind

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I had also asked Sang to pick her top three favorite songs from the playlist and give us background info so check it out!

Top 3 Songs

#1. All a Lie- 78 Saab

Imagine discovering your life and everything you think you know is a complete and utter lie. This is the unending, heartbreaking predicament Bijou finds herself in, in Concealed. 78 Saab’s All a Lie sets the tone for Bijou’s emotional state of being whenever she makes a new discovery or gets a revelation. I would have to say, it best sets the tone for Chapter 7: Secrets and Lies, when Bijou discovers the red scrap book that has her real birth certificate as well as harsh realities about Gigi and who or what she may be. This song could really go along with just about any part of Concealed, because it just so happens that all of my characters are skilled liars. J 78 Saab is an Australian band and I’ve actually chatted with them a couple times on Twitter about Concealed. They’re totally cool!

#2. Come On and Go- Scout

On the morning of Bijou’s seventeenth birthday, she wakes up to find her bedroom covered in gifts with her grandmother sitting scarily in a rocking chair a la Norman Bates in the movie, Psycho. You would think she’s lucky, but there’s nothing fortunate about what her grandmother has to say. She tells her to run away as fast as she can and to never look back, because if they meet again she will not be held accountable for her own actions. In other words, she’ll kill her if she sees her again. Scout’s Come On and Go fits perfectly for this scene, because even though truths have been revealed, Bijou has known nothing and no one but her grandmother for her entire life and this moment just breaks her in every way possible. This happens in Chapter 25: A Head Start.

#3. Pageant of the Bizarre- Zero 7

There is nothing normal about Bijou. She sees the world and its inhabitants in an unusual way. She picks up on all the things normal people seem to miss or take for granted, and this is not usually a good thing, so what better song to describe her than Zero 7’s Pageant of the Bizarre. The song is unconditional in all respects…from the weird assortment of instruments used to the up and down vocals of Sia. The song kinda reminds me of the way Bijou mind works. It’s strange, disorderly, and unsuspectingly beautiful.

You know how I am a huge book/music person so it was probably no surprise that my guest post was music related, lol! I have not read Concealed yet but I'm totally saving this playlist so I can refer back to it once I pick up the book! So, which song(s) is your favorite from this playlist?!

Concealed (Concealed, #1)
When sixteen year-old Bijou Fitzroy and her nomadic grandmother leave New York City to live in a home in the sleepy town of Sykesville, Maryland, Bijou thinks she will finally be able to live a normal life and be like everyone else. This move will be permanent, and Bijou cannot be anymore thrilled. After years of being shut away by her grandmother, Bijou will finally able to interact with peers, make friends, go to school, and live like a normal teenager.

Moving around and being homeschooled definitely made it difficult to make friends, but there are other reasons for Bijou’s solitude. With eyes that constantly change from gray to green to a honey-coated shade of brown and an ability to feel exactly what other people are feeling, the concept of obtaining closeness is more of a fable than a reality. Although her eyes are beautiful, their constant shift in color instills a sense of fear within other people and causes them to look away. Bijou’s premonitions, blackouts, and semi-prophetic dreams of a faceless boy don’t help her social musings either. Regardless, she decides to attend the local high school.

Bijou is immediately introduced to Sebastian Sinjin, a quirky and unusually beautiful boy who doesn’t seem to belong in a high school in nowhere Maryland. Sebastian is also special. Instead of looking away from Bijou, he makes direct eye contact with her. And when he shakes Bijou’s hand something dark and familiar to awaken within her as an electric shock surges through her body. Bijou soon finds herself deeply attracted to Sebastian, who remains aloof and often acts like Bijou doesn’t exist.

Despite the pains of having her first real crush, Bijou makes friends quickly and excels in all of her classes…well, all except for Mythology with Mr. Jennings. Mr. Jennings’ class starts off great with endless discussions of djinn and how they conceal themselves from the human eye, but things soon take a turn for the worse when the stories of the mythical creatures begin to take shape in Bijou’s life. 
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  1. Ooo this book looks really good! Yay for Third Eye Blind making it onto your playlist, that song is one of my favorites by them! :)


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