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Jul 6, 2011

Book Blog Tour - Author Interview: Sherry Soule


As a part of the book blog tour for Sherry Soule's Beautifully Broken, I had the honor to interview the master mind behind this debut!

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- To begin with, explain to us what Beautifully Broken is all about and, of course, the oh-so-famous question, how did you come up with the idea of it?
The series follows, quirky, Shiloh Ravenwolf is a sixteen-year-old heritage witch that lives in the gloomy town of Whispering Pines, where teenagers have mystically disappeared for years. When construction on Ravenhurst Manor unleashes a sinister evil, the body count rises.  

Now Shiloh's would-be boyfriend is next on the supernatural hit list. Shiloh decides it's her duty and Destiny (Yes, with a capital "D") to find out what is causing the unexplained phenomena before it claims another life...

The idea? I love all things supernatural, and I knew the market was flooded with vampires, fairies, angels, immortals, and werewolves, so I decided to make my heroine a sassy witch. Because witches need love too!

- What does your editing process look like?

- What inspires you to write? Most musicians have bands that inspired them to enter the music world, what authors inspired you?
Anne Rice had a big influence on my writing. Not sure, there is any one thing that inspires me to write. I do it because it is my favorite creative outlet.

- What literary character would you snog, which would you marry and which would you avoid?
Great question! Let me see, I would snog Eli from Afterlight by Elle Jasper. (because he sounds freaking hot!). I would marry Alcide, the new TrueBlood Werewolf—so yummy and gallant! One villain I would avoid is Roman Castevet, a character from Rosemary’s Baby. (1967 novel by Ira Levin and one of my favorite novels!)

- Many writers describe themselves as "character" or "plot" writers. Which are you?
Definitely more character than plot.

- If you were to kill off one of your main characters, who would it be?
Hmmm, that would giveaway too much info. ;-) I can say this…in the upcoming sequel BEAUTIFULLY HAUNTED, a major character will die.

- What kind of research did you do when you were writing your book? Or did you do any research at all?
I researched haunted houses, paranormal investigations, and Wicca.  

- How do you react to a negative review?
Cry into a gallon of ice cream. No, seriously, I am my own worst critic. And I realize we all have different tastes in literature, hence so many diverse writers to choose from. So, not everyone will like my writing style and that’s okay. My only gripe is author bashing. Not cool.

- What is your writing quirk during your writing process?
Like a method actor—I submerge myself in whatever genre I’m writing. For example, if I’m writing about vampires, I only read vamp books and watch vamp movies, etc.

- What has been one of the most surprising/shocking thing(s) you have learned about yourself or the publishing world on your journey to being published?
That your dreams can come true in other ways, if you don’t find an agent. That was my goal in the beginning, and it didn’t happen with my debut novel. But that’s okay. I actually love being an indie author and published by a small press. They gave me full creative control. It’s awesome!

More about the author:
My PhotoI am a young adult author that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with my black cat, Charm.

My family has long ago accepted the fact that I am not a morning person, rarely cook, and love all things supernatural. And there is rumor that I am seriously addicted to buying shoes and books …well, the latter might be true.

But hey, a girl can never have too many shoes to wear or books to read!

I write YA, horror, and paranormal, but no matter what genre I'm writing, there has to be an element of romance.

First book in my young adult series "SPELLBOUND" was released June 2011. 

Where you can find Sherry:
Official website: http://sherrysoule.com
Book Trailer on YouTube: http://youtu.be/5uqVXKygvUs

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