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Jul 8, 2011

Original Sin Week - Character Interview: Luc


Today is the last day of all the character interviews! Boo, I'm a little sad! Haha! BUT, I hope that all of my readers enjoyed every single one of them! If you haven't picked up a copy of Original Sin then...DO NOT READ THIS POST and go purchase a copy first! LOL, totally kidding!

Also, if you have not read Personal Demons, but you like what you are reading from these interviews, then head out to the store like NOW and go buy both of them - together!

And lastly, tomorrow come back and enter for your chance at a signed copy of both PD and OS by Lisa Desrochers! :) But before you leave, grab the OS button to your right there and spread the word! Now onto the interview!

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Weeeell, hello there mister Luc Cain! *smiiiiiiiiles* It's quite a pleasure to be here with you today!

- Is there anything that you absolutely refuse to do under any circumstances?
No. Well…except let my infernal brethren get anywhere near Frannie…and eat lima beans.

- Do you feel like Gabe is a threat to you? If so, why? And if not, why?
Is this a serious question? No. He’s limited by his quaint celestial notions of right and wrong, and by all the rules that bind Celestials. In other words, he’s useless.

- What's the one thing that makes Frannie uber special to you? What about her?
When we met, she was so wounded. She did a good job of hiding it behind all her judo kickassery, and the tough fa├žade she put up, but she was afraid to let anyone in. But she trusted me enough to let down the walls. And when she did, and I saw her soul…

- Finish this line: "And I'll state something rash, she had the most amazing _______!"
 judo skills (That’s all you’re getting from me.)

- If there's an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?
Of course.

- Give three adjectives to describe the perfect kiss.
Frannie, Frannie, Frannie.

EEE! Thank you Luc for being here today! That was fun now, wasn't it? ;) *wails* Don't leave; stay...FOREVER!

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

More about the author:

I scribe YA novels. PERSONAL DEMONS is in stores now, and the sequel, ORIGINAL SIN is due out on July 5, 2011. My omnipotent uberagent is Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management.
When I'm not writing, I'm torturing some poor unsuspecting patient, lecturing in some less-than-exotic city...or blogging...or maybe just sleeping, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.

Find Lisa Desrochers online: Twitter | Blog | Website | Facebook

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  1. Luc! *melts* I loved the last answer! So sweet :) Love the rules question, as well.
    Nice interview!


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