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Jul 5, 2011

Original Sin Week - Character Interview: Gabe


FIRST OF ALL, I want to say a big HAPPY BOOK BIRTHDAY TO ORIGINAL SIN! EEEEE! I am so excited for Lisa Desrochers! If you are on twitter, tweet her a happy book birthday, same thing for facebook and blogger! The links to find her are listed below! :)

As a part of the Original Sin Week celebration, today I get the amazing chance at interviewing, the one and only, Gabe from Lisa Desrochers' Personal Demons trilogy!

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Hello Gabe! It's a delight to have you here with us today! OK, that totally just sounded like I wanted to...eat you or something, lol! ;) Not at all.

- So you've been Shielding Frannie since she was little, how does it feel to know that you've been there all along and then have Luc Cain come and "sweep her off her feet?"
The biggest surprise was that Luc found her in the first place. Her Shield should have prevented that. That’s the whole point. But she and Luc are connected in some way that I don’t understand. As far as sweeping her off her feet, he, like most of his kind, can be very persuasive. Would I prefer she’d chose someone other than a demon to be with? Sure. But it’s her life and her choice who she wants to be with.  

- Have you always felt something towards Frannie...or are your feelings coming to surface because of Luc?
*clears throat* You are totally going to push this, aren’t you? Okay. Let me clear this up. I am a Dominion. A Seraph. Like all Seraphim, I was never human. Emotion is uniquely human, so I don’t really have “feelings” for Frannie in the way you mean. She’s my charge and I want to keep her safe. That’s it. You all are reading way too much into the situation.

- If you were to be a superhero, who would you want to be? Or...do you sort of consider yourself the hero in the Personal Demons trilogy? ;)
I think everyone has it in them to be a hero. It’s just a matter of doing the right thing. Am I a hero? No. I’m just doing my job.

- What do you do in your spare time...if you ever have any spare time?
There really is no spare time. Right now Frannie is a priority, so I’m spending more time than usual on the mortal coil, but coordinating the guardians is a full time job. I have to oversee their training, make sure all assignments are current and necessary and report back to Gabriel.

- Name two things you consider yourself to be very good and very bad at.
I try to avoid passing judgment on anyone, including myself, so I’m not really sure how to answer this question. If pressed, I’d say that I’m good at forgiving and I’m good at my job. I don’t really think I’m bad at anything, but there are a lot of things I’ve never tried, so…

- Give three adjectives to describe the perfect kiss.
I’ve only ever kissed one person, and that was mostly by accident, so I don’t really have a framework to answer this question.

Wow, love the responses! I loved having you on the blog today, Gabe! Come back soon! <3
My awesome readers, check back on Thursday for a one of a kind interview with Frannie Cavanaugh!

Also, make sure you grab the Original Sin Week button located up at the top of the blog; it might just earn you a few extra points in the giveaway! I'm just sayin'. *wink wink*

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More about the author:

I scribe YA novels. PERSONAL DEMONS is in stores now, and the sequel, ORIGINAL SIN is due out on July 5, 2011. My omnipotent uberagent is Suzie Townsend at FinePrint Literary Management.
When I'm not writing, I'm torturing some poor unsuspecting patient, lecturing in some less-than-exotic city...or blogging...or maybe just sleeping, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool.

Find Lisa Desrochers online: Twitter | Blog | Website | Facebook

Purchase Personal Demons: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble
Purchase Original Sin: Amazon | Borders | Barnes & Noble

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  1. *sings* Gabe is in denial, Gabe is in denial...
    Suuuuuurrree, Gabe, you only want to protect her and don't care who she picks. *rolls eyes*
    Loved it!


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