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Mar 4, 2012

#Alex18Birthday || @JLArmentrout



BWAHAHAHAHA, isn't that the cutest/funniest thing ever? I hope Alex just blows out her candles and doesn't have the crazy urge to want to eat them. ;)

Well, people here we are! Today is Alexandria Andros's 18th birthday! Seeing that I was her advocate during the Heroine Tournament, I figured it was sorta fitting that I threw my girl a virtual birthday party! If you've read Half-Blood (and even Pure, for some of you), you would know that once Alex turns eighteen, a lot of kick-assery is going down, so much so that she probably won't even have time to celebrate her birthday. So, that's what we're here for!

I rallied up the #HalfBloodLegion and we all came together to make this party possible! Below, you'll find plenty of birthday wishes to Alex from members of the #HalfBloodLegion.

1288138480401_f_largeFrom Amy, Blog || Twitter:

Happy Birthday Alex!! Hope you have a super kick-ass birthday. Try to stay out of trouble, and keep Seth and Aiden from killing each other. ;)

From Sherry, Blog || Twitter:

Dearest Alex,

‘Sing a song of Birthdays
Full of fun and cheer
And may you keep on having them
For many a happy year.’

May your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer!

From Taneesha, Blog || Twitter:

Happy 18th Birthday from A Diary Of A Book Addict Family! Another year come and gone but with Aiden by your side you can do all things! Don't party to hard with Seth ;) Drinky Drinky Drinky...... No more party dresses in the pool ;)

From Jessirae, Blog || Twitter:

Happy Happy 18th Birthday Alex! I hope your day is filled with the awesomeness that is Aiden and Seth! <3

From Heather, Blog || Twitter:

Happy birthday, Alex! Congrats on making it to 18; be strong and don't let Seth take advantage of your new badassery!

From Cate, Blog || Twitter:

On your 18th birthday, I wish for you anything but normalcy because it's boring and stupid. As you enter into adulthood, kick ass, but be careful whose; you're an adult now and you can go to jail.

From Ishita, Blog || Twitter:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX! You are the most kick buttiest, awesome, funniest 18-year old daimon hunter out there! Enjoy your 18th birthday like there is no tomorrow! Run off with Aiden or something! Hope today is THE BEST day ever!

From Farhana, Blog || Twitter:

Happy Birthday Alex!! Keep being a kick-ass and amazing person!

From Valerie, Blog || Twitter:

Hey Alex! Made it to 18 in one piece? Nice! Kick some butt and don't let those daimons give you hell. AND very important here ----> Among the craziness that's bound to be your BD find some time to kiss someone you love! Love you girl.

From Sophia, Blog || Twitter:

Happy birthday, Alex! Studies prove that the people with the most birthdays live the longest. Now, I know that's kind of difficult (living, I mean), considering that it's you, but I hope you live till your next birthday. ;) P.S. Go kick some daimon arse and become an awesome Apollyon. Much love!

From Amy, Blog || Twitter:

Happy Birthday Alexandria! May you continue being badass and kicking daimon ass for many years to come!

From Amanda, Blog || Twitter:

Happy 18th Birthday Alex!! I hope its full of tons surprises (hint Aiden or Seth LOL) Kick some Daimon Butt as well!

From Shellie, Blog || Twitter:

Happy 18th Birthday Alex! Rock that Apollyon status, stay strong and continue to kick daimon arse (and Seth or Aiden if they piss you off) and most importantly enjoy your day! Much Love!

From Linda, Blog || Twitter:

Tumblr_lzwkb559vk1qcs69ao1_500_largeHappy freaking Birthday, Alex! This is the year that will change everything. I hope you're ready. Don't forget to show the Pures how to kick some ass.

From Erika, Blog || Twitter:

Oh, my dear sweet Alex. You're 18 now, which means you can buy cigarettes and lottery tickets. Just know that if you buy cigarettes to smoke them, I will be breaking down your door wielding a taser and niccorette gum. I will Tase that cigarette right out of your hand before you can even get at me with your Half-Blood ninja mojo. Just so ya know. Happy Birthday!

From Jena, Blog || Twitter:

Happy 18th birthday to the super sexy Alex Andros!! One of my most favorite characters ever!! Have fun! Kick some a$$! Pull mean girls hair out. Have some sexy time with some sexy boy (preferably Aiden)! Break some rules! And most importantly enjoy it! :)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Alex, my girl, happy happy happy 18th birthday! When I first found out that we're two days apart, I seriously flipped. I even suggested to Jennifer that we should throw a crazy, wacky birthday party, you know like birthday party of the century, but she told me you'd have other...bigger pressing issues so...I settled for a mini virtual party. ;)

I know that with your 18th birthday, a lot of shit will be hitting the fan but in the midst of all of it, I hope you can still take the time to remember that you're alive and still breathing. And despite all the crazy ups and downs and all the wicked curve balls life has thrown your way, you came out of it a much stronger person than before. <333

On this day, I hope you get to take a break from all the daimon killing - who am I kidding? Is that even possible? I mean, it is your 18th birthday and all....well, I hope Aiden and Seth take into consideration that after today, life will most likely be heaven and hell all in one, so I hope they're nice enough to give ya a much needed break. For a day, at least.

And even if they don't...well, who cares, do whatever the heck you want, anyway! ;) I hope you get the whole shabang - the birthday song, the cake, the presents, and the cake fight! But no seriously, go have some fun girl! Stuff yourself with cake like there won't be no tomorrow! Wear a crown and flaunt it to the world! Make sure your posse lets the world know that Miss Andros is here to do some damage!

Happy birthday to the awesome and kick-ass, Alexandria Andros! Live it up and make it the best! Love you, girl! <3

Rendezvous with the #HalfBloodLegion on twitter at 7pm EST for a virtual birthday party for our girl, Alex! #Alex18Birthday
We'll be getting together to hang out with the legion where we'll talk about our crazy obsession with JLA and her frickin' amazing books! We'll also talk about the significance of turning eighteen, what some of us did/will do on our eighteenth birthdays, as well as what we think will go down on the day of Alex's birthday...and what's to come...afterwards. I would love to see all of your lovely faces there! Follow me @BooksOverBoys so you don't miss out! Also, spread the word and blow up @JLArmentrout's twitter account - show her some love! <333


  1. Fantastic post Momo! You're pretty badass yourself. Happy early birthday to you!

  2. Aaaaaahhhhh!!! The day has come! The joy of turning eighteen. Love that GIF! Ahahahah, I'm still laughing.  Momo, this post is awesomesauce. Loving all the support Alex has! There's a theme in all the birthday wishes: ass & hot boys. Fitting huh?  
    Whooo!!! Can't wait to party! Dance out. Freak out.  
    JLA is gonna get a lotta love today! 

    1. Omg, there is a theme! After I read all of them, I was like, "Heeeeey, everyone wants Alex to have fun, do *something* with either Aiden and Seth or both, eat cake, and KICK. SOME. ASS!" Hahaha!

  3. Yay!!! Love :) <33 ALEX<3

    And dude! That Gif!! Hahahahahahah is so Alex you dont even know. I could totes see her eating fire just to spite someone haha!

    1. I was trying to find a .gif of someone blowing out candles and I *almost* gave up hope and then this one showed up! Right when I saw it, I knew I had to use it! LOL, it's the cutest/funniest thing ever! And I could totes see Alex doing that! Instead of an apple this time, it will be fire! ;)

  4. Momo, you constantly amaze me! Alex and I thank you! This is so cool!

    1. No need to thank me! I just can't get enough of your awesome books so...you can't ever stop or else life for me would really suck arse! Keep writing and writing and writing and writing. FOR. EVER. ;) Love ya, Jen!

  5. Ya know...I didn't think about her throwing fire instead of apples O.o and she probably will....oops. Love all the bday wishes that Alex got & hope that we all surprised Jen by this. You rock Momo...<3 see you tonight on the twittah

    1. Ahah, right?! It will definitely be fire by the time she turns eighteen! ;) I know, me too! I loved everyone's wishes! Thanks Shellie; I'll catch ya on the twittah later today!

  6. Nice job Momo! You rock.


    1. Thanks Val! And thank YOU for the awesome blog post *and* the giveaway!

  7. Happy birthday, Alex!
    Which reminds me: Isn't Will's birthday in March-ish, also? Can I bake him a reaper cake, like Ellie did?

    I love the gif!

    1. Omg, I should know this but my mind is drawing a blank! Is he a March baby tooo?!?! No freakin' flippin' way! We're meant to beeee, lol! I know that Ellie's a September baby. Aah, I've gotta tweet CAM to find out! <333

      And I give you permission to bake my Will (haha!) a super awesome birthday cake! And thanks! I almost couldn't find one...and then that one popped up!

  8. Hope alex enjoys all the warm B-day wishes we've given her. :-D


    Check out my Books!

  9. Happy Birthday Alex!! Great post Momo!! Cant wait until tonight!!


    1. Thanks so much, Amanda! And yes, I will see you there!

  10. Momo!! This post is awesome! I feel so special that my birthday wish is first. ♥ I don't think I have ever read a blog post that says kick, or ass, or the combination together so many times haha! So excited for the Twitter party!! I will be joining a little late since I have to get the kiddo in bed, but I will definitely be there!! Oh, and I totally want cake now after seeing all those yummy pics. ;)

    1. LMAO! Omg, that's so true! There's a lot of kick and ass going on in this blog post! :)

      That's fine! I don't think it will last longer than an hour...definitely not two because The Walking Dead comes on at 9pm tonight...and I know Jen watches that so we don't wanna keep her!


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