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Mar 6, 2012

For a decade and eight years...


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Oh boy, the big one eight; I've been alive for a decade and eight years. When you say eighteen, it doesn't sound all awesome or whatever, but when you say a decade and eight years, it sounds like...a huge milestone or something. Or maybe that's just me. Omg, that also reminds me of Abe Lincoln's Four Score and Seven Years Ago speech thingy, lol. Sorta.

Well, here I am. Technically, it won't be my birthday until 7:42am...which means, that at this exact moment, seventeen years and seven hours ago, my mother was in the hospital, getting ready to push me out. Ack, don't picture that. YUCK. GROSSSSSSSS.

Anyway, these past couple of weeks leading up to...today...have been bittersweet. Yeah, I think that's the word. I don't know, maybe I'm just a weird teen or something but the whole aspect of turning eighteen just isn't so exciting to me. I get that whoop-de-doo, you're an adult now...somewhat...and you get to go do adult stuff...but all those years of being an innocent are gone...kinda. In all reality, turning eighteen is just like any other birthday and eighteen just becomes another number, yet at the same time, things sorta...shift and all those things turn into negative statements. Turning eighteen isn't just like any other birthday, eighteen just doesn't become another number. It marks your year of becoming an adult, of you coming into your own person, of you getting to discover who you are, and so much more.

And I guess all of that is exciting yet I feel like I'm leaving behind a big part of my life. Okay, I'm only saying that because once school ends this summer, I'll be up and outta the house, living in another city, preparing for college. And this is just a personal thing for me, but I so don't wanna leave my bedroom behind. This is the room that built me, the room that witnessed all my ups and downs, the room that was my safe haven, the room that kept me sane in times of insanity, the room that was my home...at home. The room that edured everything with me and after six years...I can't just say bye to it like nothing. WAAAH. Me ish so sad about that. :/ Anyway, leaving to college and all that stuff is probably the reason why I'm feeling....the way I do right now. Ack, like I said the other night on the twittah,

So, with that thought, I'm going to stop worrying about what could possibly happen tomorrow and just enjoy today. My day. My oh so very special day.

And a word from my man:

Anywho, I'm pretty sure I'm all over the place and I'm a mess but....


If you couldn't tell, I'm feeling very indecisive about turning eighteen, but hey, the age does come with its own ups and downs, right? RIGHT?!
I mean it's exciting yet not so exciting...all at once. Oof, my brain! The neurons must be going cray-crazy!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *sends all the birthday cupcakes to you* Oh, 18 is a big birthday, uh?! It's been almost a decade since I turned 18 (and yes that makes me feel old) but I remember what an exciting, amazing, kind-of- terrifying-in-the-best-way- possible feeling came with turning the big 1-8.
    But you are exactly right, don't think about what could/might/will happen in the future, you just enjoy your special, fantabulous day....you enjoy the hell out of it!

    :) Aeicha

  2. Happy Birthday Momo! I hope that your day is filled with awesomeness. Don't think too much about things. Just try to enjoy yourself. *Gives cupcakes*

  3. Happy Birthday! I love your blog post. Living in the moment is one of the hardest things to do, but in many ways the most important because the past is over and done with - we can't rewrite it, we can only learn from it, cherish the great memories, and make sure not to repeat the decisions that were harmful. We can set goals (A MUST) for our future, but still be flexible because goals can change. And we must have goals that we're passionate about, because achieving them makes life exciting! We have the MOST control over the here and now. What we do, who we're with, how we treat ourselves and others, and the actions we take to get us closer to our goals.
    Since I am one of them, I can say 100% that you've already made a huge mark on your blog-reading fans, twitter friends! Thanks for all you do and many, many, many happy birthdays.

  4. Happy Brithday!!!!
    At 7:42am.........I remember that very well. LOL!
    Turning a decade and eight, huh? I know how you feel. Excited and sad at the sametime :) No matter what, your always gonna be LOVED! XOXOXO
    Love your blog!!!! Hehehe!


  6. Thanks everyone for all the birthday wishes! You guys make my day a billion times more awesome! <333

  7. Happy Birthday. Have a great one. Don't worry about the future, embrace it.

  8. Happy Birthday Mo! Enjoy the moment! Do something special just for you today! Hope the weather gets better for you. :)

  9. Happy Birthday girl! You rock and always will!


  10. Happy (belated) birthday! I'm sorry you're so torn about this and ahh! Don't tell me all that! I'm gonna be eighteen in less than 7 months! Omg, I'm gonna be eighteen in less than 7 months!!!! When did THAT happen?? :O


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