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Dec 1, 2011


So, on Tuesday night when I got online, I checked my email and noticed that I got a few new twitter followers; I briefly went through the email and then I logged out and logged onto twitter. I was browsing through twitter then I decided to check out one of my newest follower's profile. I clicked on her name and the first tweet at the very top of her profile said:

I couldn't help but respond:

Then the awesome JLA said:

I freaked out for a bit. Then replied:

After that, my sister logged onto her Facebook account for like...ten minutes and during all that time I was freaking out that JLA already posted the teaser because I was like, "I'M MISSING IT!" Although...the teaser wasn't going anywhere, lol! I rushed her to get off and when she did, I got onto my twitter timeline and refreshed the page like twice. Yeah, I was freaking out. For reals. Then I got JLA's tweet on my phone, refreshed the page, and BOOM!

Aha, I'm not that evil. For those of you who aren't on the twitter...you guys should really get on it. I'm just kidding. For those of you who aren't on the twitter, here's the awesome, mind-blowing teaser that JLA posted:

My response to this teaser:

Yeah, something about those stormy eyes did it for me. If any of you have read Daimon, the Half-Blood prequel, in the first few chapters, Alex was with this guy but every now and then she always mentioned a little something about Aiden St. Delphi's eyes.

From Daimon: ↓ ↓ ↓
As I stared into his green eyes, I thought about my very first crush--the forbidden guy, the older guy with thundercloud eyes--the one so far out of my league he might as well have been a different species.

And again: ↓ ↓ ↓

...not when I was picturing him with gray eyes...

And because of that, JLA had me at "thundercloud eyes." Before Aiden ever appeared in Half-Blood, I was already hooked. And hard, too. Back to the teaser, after that response, I said:

See, there they are again. Those eyes. They're my undoing. ;) Then after that:

So after reading that teaser, I couldn't help thinking: 
It's driving me insane! I'm curious as to what happened 
before this and where Alex and Aiden were and
LOL, this wait is torture.

Shortly after JLA tweeted the teaser and after my "HOLY COW MANURE!" response, JLA tweeted me and said:

Did you see that?!

OKAY, just making sure you see this. So yeah...*cough cough*...let's get Alex through this first match! I mean, I don't know about you or you or YOOOOOOU, but I for sure wanna know what happens with Alex and Aiden between Half-Blood and Pure. I mean, there's not a book for that. It's sorta like...a deleted scene. Eeep! I can hardly contain myself right now. And who knows what else is in store for us if Alex makes it even farther into the tournament! WHO. KNOWS. (wink, wink)

So go my lovely readers, share this post with everyone and anyone who has online access! Seriously. Anyone. ;) Spread the word → tweet it, facebook it, tumblr it, blog it, wordpress it, SHARE IT.

Check out this blog post to grab a button to show your love for Alex and all those Greeks! NOTE: if you grab a button, when you go to put it onto your blog, in the html box, please include:


Just copy that right up there ↑ ↑ ↑ and paste it after the code for the button. It will be more informative to readers on your blog who might be interested in who this Alex chick is. ;)

REMEMBER, Alexandria's first match is on Monday, December 12th against Nora from Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick! Mark your calendars, save it to your phone, set your alarm, write the date on post-it notes, email yourself, text yourself, heck - TWEET yourself, lol! SPREAD THE WORD!

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Let's make the #HALFBLOODLEGION a force to be reckoned with! ;)


  1. AHHHH *dies* You know I'll be sharing this amazingness everywhere very soon :)

  2. Oh, and your ARC of PURE goes into the mail today. :)


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