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Feb 21, 2011

Daily Dose (9)

This weekly meme is hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly :)

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I less than three John'O! :)

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The idea of making a playlist of the music I've been listening to a lot lately was from Alice over at The Reader Room! I think this idea is awesome because our blogs don't have to be just about books, lol!

Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes


Easton Corbin - I Can't Love You Back


A Rocket to the Moon - If Only The Knew

Every Avenue - Tell Me I'm A Wreck



  1. Ooo I love these photos! Especially the last John O' one where he's talking about experiences and third photo, so beautiful! Totally will be checking out these songs, I love Rocket to The Moon's Mr. Right so I bet I'll love this one too! :D Happy Monday Momo!

  2. I love all these photos! l love A Rocket to The Moon =)


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