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Feb 20, 2011

Have you seen I Am Number Four? :)

So, I Am Number Four released this weekend! Have you gone and seen it?! If you haven't it's . . .  AMAZING! Jaw-dropping out-of-breath awesomeness! Michael Bay rocked it! I have not read the book but I guess I'm one of those people that will definitely read the book now that I've seen the movie! But the movie is super awesome! I looooooooove number six! Every scene with her in it rocked my world! *__*

Alex *swoon* Pettyfer! So, in my family - well all the book nerds, we have multiple names for him. Here they are: Alex Prettypants, Alex Pedophile, and Alex Pettyfire! The first came from me and the blogging world! ;) The second came from my nephew because he says that Alex's last name kind of looks like pedophile, lol! I don't know what he sees, but that's what he says! And the last name came from my sister → I . . . don't ask! LOL! Goodness! He's unbelievably HOT! His accent, his body, his . . . everything! Ha!

If you've seen the movie, share your thoughts with me below in the comments. If you've read the book share your thoughts on that in the comments as well, just don't leave any spoilers, lol, even though I've already seen the movie! And for those of you that haven't done either - GET TO IT!


  1. Oh I loved the movie and the book. [:
    The book was so freaking amazing that it gave me nightmares... twice. (:
    and even though I knew what was going to happen in the movie, I was still scared and was handing onto my boyfriend hand tight haha.

  2. *fans face* The book was awesome, but I haven't had a chance to see the movie. Alex Pettyfer! *fans face again* I love blue-eyed boys :)
    I heard the book got written specifically so it could be transfered to the big screen, but whatever.

  3. Haha! @The Book Pages I'm going to read the book for sure now! :) I have my nephew's copy here with me! I can watch this movie again and again - just for Alex Pettyfer!

    @Riv haha! Go watch the movie! Hurry! Then we can talk more about Alex Prettypants! :)

  4. I really loved the book and I'm dying to see the movie. Alex Pettyfer is swoon-worthy. :D

  5. I'm super excited to go see this! He is actually the closest I can find for a look a like for my Alex in Branded and Forsaken! Very yummy ;)

  6. @Keary ooooh! That's awesome! I'll keep him in mind when I read Branded! :)

  7. I haven't seen it! But I wanted to read the book first!!! Excited to see it though :-D

  8. I saw the movie Saturday and LOVE IT!!! I'm so getting it on dvd.

  9. Ha! One of my best friends and I call him Alex Prettyface :)
    I saw it Thursday night and really really liked it.
    I actually really want to see it again haha

  10. @Jessica Alex Prettyface works super well too! :)

    Goodness! We need to all have a movie night when the movie releases on dvd! LOL

    I want to go watch it AGAIN! Like RIGHT. NOW! *___*

  11. I loved the movie! My friend and I went opening night and we both thought it was absolutely amazing! There are no words for how wonderful Alex Pettyfer is :D


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