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Feb 9, 2011

Go #TeamAide(a)ns!

So, if you are on twitter you should definitely include this in all of your tweets:
You know why? Because . . . you, because I said so! ;)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Kristi Cook and Jennifer L. Armentrout would ell-ohh-vee-eee to see #TeamAide(a)ns be a trending topic on twitter, so if you have one, in every tweet of yours, if it isn't too much, would ya mind including it in there? Why Kristi Cook and Jennifer L. Armentrout? Well, in both of their debuts, their leading male characters go by the name of Aiden and Aidan! Hence the incredible one-of-a-kind twitter hashtag!

Now, you are probably wondering why the hashtag is totally weird looking and yes only the #TeamAide(a)ns part would actually be the hashtag but you know what? Who cares! This hashtag is AWESOME! :)

*GASP* Would ya look at that?! Both of their debuts begin with a H! ZOMg! This is just too much awesomeness for one to handle! ;)

Well, what are you waiting for? *Giggles* What are you waiting for? Totally reminds me of Scary Movie where she walks out of the building and she starts screaming WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Do you remember that part? LOL :) Alrighty, totally off topic, but yeah WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR Tweeples?! Starting tweeting! Scoot! Get your fingers to typin'! *__*

GOOOOOO #TeamAide(a)ns!

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