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Feb 12, 2011

In My Mailbox (9)

IMM is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren with some inspiration from Alea at Pop Culture Junkie where we post about books we have received during the week via mailbox, local library, or store bought, etc.


I hope you've all had a great week filled with books! Leave a link in the comments and I'll be sure to check out your IMM post! Happy reading!

P.S. I do not know how I managed to make this video 10 minutes long - I mean, I only received two books! Oh my!


  1. ANGELFIRE!!!!! That is one action-packed and romantic book! I hope you enjoy it!

  2. YOUR SO LUCKY MOMO! I entered that giveaway for Angelfire and of course being me, I lost. lol!

    Happy Reading

    -Akasha Hale

  3. That's so cool she signed it and did the little notes and pictures!! Love it, l can't wait to read it =)

  4. It's so cool that Courtney annotated your copy of Angelfire! :D I loooved Angelfire; I'm so glad you liked it too! :)

    The Long Weekend sounds really cool; I'm excited to hear what you think of it!

  5. There you go! That's what it's called! Annotations!

    "Little notes?!" What the heck was I thinking?! LOL!

  6. Nice books this week. Angelfire sounds great. Happy Reading!

  7. Awesome, congrats on Angelfire! :D Can't wait to read it.

  8. Great mailbox! I can't wait to read Angelfire, it looks fantastic. I hope you enjoy your books!

  9. OMG! You got your Angelfire copy!!!! I still haven't gotten mine!!!!! GRRRRR!!!!!!!!

    What day did you get it?

    oreo_93 at hotmail dot com


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