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Oct 14, 2013

because my attention span is yea big

i almost don't know where to begin this post. but, i do know that i kind of just want to ramble about anything that comes at my noggin as my fingers move across the keyboard.

lately, i've been 1) lagging on blog posts (i feel horrible about this so more on this later) and 2) thinking about ways to make my blog more... me. a couple of weeks back, rachel from fiktshun posted a very thought-provoking blog post that had my brain spinning after i finished reading it. (btw, all of rachel's posts, every single one of them, are excellent; they're so well thought out and intriguing and interesting to read. i could never gather up all my thoughts and put them so coherently into a post; just typing this one is a struggle. ;p)

anyway, the big question of rachel's post was: who do you blog for? as i was reading the post, i realized i was a certain way but i wanted to be another way but i was sort of a mix of both ways and by the time i got to the end, a huge realization hit me: books over boys has lost its way. i didn't know how to be any way, anymore.

in the beginning of blogging, my focus was gaining a following. looking back, it's almost like what i'm trying to get at now is working vice versa. back when i had a very small following, i blogged about the most random things and whatever i wanted. overtime, i've acquired a following but i feel like lately, not much of anything that you see on books over boys is me. i mean, the books i feature are definitely books that i would read but other than that, my posts aren't all that original, aren't all that me... if i could get what i posted nowadays to what i posted way back when then i think i could find x.

normally, i don't type up blog posts that are... random, if you will, so today's post is my (very lame) attempt at bringing more me back into the blog. i debated this for a while because one huge question that danced around in my head anytime i thought about anything blog related (which is very often) was: who cares? or what's the point?

but then i also realized that sometimes, there is no point or there doesn't have to be a point. one morning, i could wake up and want nothing to eat except ice cream. one morning, i could wake up and want to do absolutely nothing productive but devour a good book. one morning, i could wake up and want nothing more than to stare at sam and dean's drool-worthy faces all day long. and if i asked myself who cares? i'd answer, i do. if i asked what's the point? i'd answer, just because i want to. so, i could use the same logic for my very random posts.

you might be thinking how come i didn't realize this sooner or that this was all simpler than my over-analytical mind made it out to be but... over the years, i've definitely gotten lost and caught up in... everything.

another thing that was part of the debate was what to blog about. isn't that always the million dollar question? one thing about blogging is originality. but it's quite a challenge to be original when it feels like every single thing under the sun has been done. so when you try to brainstorm ideas of what to blog about, it becomes difficult because it feels like everything that could possibly be discussed has been discussed. but again, i realized, who cares? do it anyway, you're a different mind.

another thing that i debated about was length. for some really odd reason, when i started blogging, i liked my posts to be long and lengthy. if i didn't have something to really babble about, i wasn't going to post. but from here on out, even if it's just one paragraph about the most random thing ever, i'm going to post because... it's me. (is all this really lame? i feel like it is.)

anyway, my goal is to try and post more random posts. whether they're book related or not... well, i'll try to tie them back into books somehow but even if i don't, i think i'll end up posting, regardless.

now, onto all the m.i.a. posts last week. first of all, i am so sorry for not posting. i feel like that doesn't help or solve anything but... i truly am. last weekend was an energy drainer and as soon as it hit, it followed me into the week and all of a sudden, this i-don't-want-to-do-anything-ever-again phase hit and i avoided and ignored all the tours, reveals, blitzes, etc. that i signed up for. i feel horrible because all week, i just wanted to read and escape. i realized that for me, personally, if i'm not blogging, i'm reading. if i'm not reading, i'm catching up on x show on netflix. and so on and so forth. there's no in between where i do a little bit of each and that's probably because my attention span is yea big. anyway, there's no excuse, really. so this week, i will do better and i'm back... i think. ;p

i'm still trying to catch up on emails and everything because boy, a few days without being on top of everything will really push you back. so, just to catch you up to speed really fast: my three year blogoversary is still going on and it will continue this week. check back later today for the guest blogger stopping by! other than that, i think that's kind of it.

as for this post, i think this wraps it up. random: i realized that i never end up getting all my thoughts out. long after i've hit publish, all these one-line-thoughts come at me, screaming, "put this in the post! you should have typed this!" and i even agree with these thoughts because i think they're genius and i almost go back and edit my post to include that one line but then it's so left field that 1) it would have altered my entire post and 2) it would just make my post even more never-ending so because of all that, i just scrape the (genius) one-line-thoughts and call it a day.

same idea as this. ;p


  1. This post is perfect as it is. It shares you/your voice with your readers. It's interesting because of that. It doesn't matter that it's rambling or random. It doesn't matter whether it could have been longer or shorter or you could have chosen different words or broken out your paragraphs in different ways. You're sharing you. And readers who are interested in what you have to say will read it. And love it. Because they want to know you. :)

    Whether that works for you or doesn't is a personal choice and one you have to be happy with. If you want to gush about Sam and Dean (who doesn't?) then yay. If you want to talk about music, or your home life or an odd billboard you saw, it's your blog. Whatever makes you happy, IMO, is the most important thing.

    And if you want to talk about books, bookish boys, or cell phones that's your choice. I'm not the world's biggest blog reader, but my favorite types of posts to read are ones where I feel are more personal to the blogger. It proves that we're not robots... or are we?!?

    Taking a break is always a good thing. And if it allows you to come back to blogging with more passion for doing it, then yay!

    Sorry for the long ramble-y comment.

  2. I love this post (even though it was rambly). Fiktshun, in her ultimate and never-ending wisdom, is absolutely right - It's you sharing you! Isn't that what we all started blogging for? To get a little piece of our own thoughts and feelings and share them with people that share our interests?!

    Kudos to you for taking this step toward making yourself happy first. I would rather see rambling, incoherent posts from you than nothing at all. I think blogger burnout happens when we make our blogs a job. It looses the fun aspect that it once had and becomes a chore.

    Well, if you can't tell, I have been right there with you. I haven't posted in a few weeks...I basically finished out all of my scheduled blog tours then went on an unscheduled haidous. I have been reading books just for me, catching up on TV shows (I was full seasons behind on some shows), and spending more time with my kids. And you know what? I FEEL BETTER.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I can't wait to get to know YOU better. :)

    Meagan @ Reviewing Wonderland


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