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Oct 16, 2013

#BOBblogoversary Day 7: Lisa from A Life Bound By Books + Giveaway

Welcome to day seven of my month long celebration event for my blog's upcoming third year in existence! ;p If you would like to check out the first few days, you can do so by clicking the link that says "click here for all things blogoversary related" underneath the B.O.B. Turns 3 tab located in my right sidebar.

For today's feature, I've got the wonderful Lisa from A Life Bound By Books here to join in the fun! Lisa is one of the two blogs that I distinctly remember highly inspiring me to start blogging. Every year when October hits, my state of mind travels down memory lane and I become so nostalgic when it comes to blogging.

In February (I think, I'm not sure how strong my memory is in that particular department) of 2010, I created my Twitter account. I'm not sure how but eventually, I started following bloggers and after seeing their tweets about reviews, interviews, giveaways, etc., I came across Lisa and Jessica (she would be the other blog that completes the two) from Confessions of a Bookaholic's tweets about an event called Haunted Halloween. Yep, some of you might be familiar with that event.

Because I was fascinated with Lisa and Jessica in general (oh gosh, I so didn't mean for that to come across as creepy, I promise), I checked out their event and ended up getting my mind blown so hard! The event was so cool and full of epic and awesome that I couldn't wrap my mind around it. Needless to say, all the fascination fueled my desire to start blogging, so a ginormous thank you goes out to the amazing Lisa and Jessica!

Now, can you see how important October has become to me? Before, it didn't sit so high up there in the list but now, it's in the top five, at least! Same thing goes for Halloween. I didn't used to get the hype as much but after being in the paranormal world of books and all that, I definitely appreciate it more! So yeah, my nostalgia around this time of year is on an all-time high and it comes at me in waves randomly throughout the month.


Aah, I'm starting to digress a bit (or a lot). Before we get completely off track, let's get to today's fun!

I’m weird because…
My ears itch after I eat a banana.
I don’t like the sun.
I sleep better during the day.
I don’t like to walk barefoot on ANYTHING, even carpet.
I’m terrified of moths, yet spiders don’t bother me.

I’m awesome because…
I love to read.
I love to bake and decorate cup cakes.
I’d do anything for the people who mean the most to me in my life.
I know us nerds RULE!
I love anything that has to do with cold weather and rain.

I’m a bad friend because…
I forget important dates; if it’s not written down, it’s right out of my head.
My anxiety sometimes holds me back.
I'm sometimes/often in my own little world.
I often give my opinion when it’s not wanted.
I don’t trust easily even when it appears I have.

I’m a good friend because…
I listen.
I’m always there if you need me.
I give hugs freely.
I’m all around a giving person.
I care and worry sometimes more than I should.

I’m sad because…
My husband, nieces and nephew will never get a chance to meet my grandparents.
I miss my second home in the UK every day.
I finished a book and have to wait the long wait for the next in the series.
There’s not enough time in the day to do all the things.
Winter is still too far away.

I’m happy because…
[That] I have the family and friends I do.
[For] friends I’ll meet throughout my life.
There’s always a new book waiting to be read.
Christmas is right around the corner.
[For] finding the book blogging community.
Of all the little things in life.

I’m excited for…
What today, tomorrow and for what waits further on into the future brings.
[About] moving to the UK; we hope next year.
[That] summer’s almost over and the heat will soon be ending.
[That] Fall and Winter are right around the corner.
I’m pretty excited about all the little things too.
Oh, and Egg Nog Latte’s will soon be back at Starbucks!

I’ve had anxiety since I was 6 years old. It’s been bad, often really bad throughout my life. I never wanted to take medicine for it because I’ve always felt so out of control due to my anxiety that I didn’t want medicine to control it, I wanted to control it. When you have anxiety like I do/did you want nothing more but to be in control of something. Long story short, I finally caved a couple years ago and started taking something that makes my anxiety mostly a bad, horrible nightmare of a memory. I just wish I would have caved years go because I didn’t start to really live until I started to take these meds.

I can pick almost anything up with my toes! And no I don’t have freakishly long toes or even weird feet. I have normal feet, thank you very much, lol. But I can grip anything and pick it up. My family all freak out over it so I have to ask you: is that weird?

I can't stand sand. I love the beach, but the sand and the dust it leaves and that dry feeling. I’m freaking out now just talking about it. It’s so hard to go to the beach now because I seriously can’t stand the dry feeling from the sand that no matter what you do just won’t come off until you have a real shower. Seriously, I CAN’T!

About the blogger:

[boundbybooks_button150.png]"Some of the best things in life can be found in the pages of a good book..." Hi, I’m Lisa and I'm a proud bibliophile. Reading is such a huge part of who I am. I read and I write (a little, or am trying to write). I love movies, music, art, traveling, baking and all the people - big and small who are always around me. These are just a few things that tell you a little bit about me.

There is always so much more to a person then just the little bit that they type in the "about me" section. I am one of those people who just isn't good at this part of things. Anything you want to know, please ask away.

Connect with Lisa: Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Giveaway details:

  1. One entry per household.
  2. There will be one winner per book/series.
  3. You must be 15 years or older.
  4. Giveaway is open INTERNATIONALLY.
  5. Giveaway ends on Tuesday, November 19, 2013.
  6. Winners will be chosen by Random.org through Rafflecopter.
  7. Winners will have 48 hours after notification to respond.
  8. Good luck!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The giveaway is open internationally but the paperbacks and swag packs are for the US ONLY, unless stated otherwise. If you have any questions, please email me at booksoverboys at hotmail. Thank you!

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  1. Ooh! Great post!! I also get lost in my own little world.. a lot!

    Also, Momo! I adore your new blog layout!! Very pretty!! :)

  2. WOW! What a awesome giveaway! Congratulations on 3 years! Wishing you many more! You are a hoot!

  3. What's your favorite thing about October? Halloween and the change over to the fall season!!! The colors in fall are SO pretty!

  4. "What's your favorite thing about October?" Well, this month I celebrate my birthday, and of course Halloween!! And I like the weather here in L.A (:


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