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Oct 15, 2013

walking, talking, potty-training status

this is a big week for books over boys. (or at least it feels that way in my head.)

on saturday, october 19th, 2013, my baby will be three years old! that's walking, talking, potty-training status. huge milestones, yaknow? ;p

but before saturday hits, i feel like i need to clean every nook and cranny around this space. one nook and cranny was my blog design. SAY WHAT? i know, take a look *gestures arms* around! isn't books over boys' new home so nice and spiffy? i felt it was appropriate and perfect timing to ring in the third year with a new look and new feel to my humble abode. what do you think?

the amazing katie d. from kd designs was the mastermind behind everything you see here! the colors, the background, the fonts, the layout, the creativity—she's a mad genius, guise! and i absolutely cannot thank her enough for giving me a look that i am madly in love with! i'm so happy with the outcome that i just want to play with it and type up all kinds of crazy blog posts that have no point!

for a very long time now, i've had my eyes on kd designs. i like the simplicity in her work. i like how it's simple yet a lot, if that makes any sense. working with katie was easy and like her work, simple. i'm not design savvy whatsoever so when i emailed katie i was all over the place but katie, being the mad genius that she is, understood everything that i was trying to say and she took it and made the image in my head 7654319785436x better than what i was seeing!

needless to say, i am so happy with all of it! if you're in search of a new look and new feel for your blog, i high, high, highly recommend kd designs.

yesterday, shortly after katie installed my new look, i came back in and wanted to mess with everything! it felt like a shiny new toy that i couldn't stop playing with. because i'm slightly (or a whole lot) ocd and anal about consistency, i was bugged to no end about all the blog posts that were pre-new-design. i didn't like that they didn't flow with the new design (and there's not much i can do about that unless i go back through and edit all my posts to match but... i'm not that crazy)! because of that, i feel like i'm going to do things a bit differently around here. nothing too big, but my posts, obviously, will change because my designed changed. also, i feel like this design might be permanent for a very long time. yep, that's how much i lurve it!

another thing that i want (or feel compelled) to change/edit are the tabs at the top of my page. i think sometime tonight into tomorrow, i'm going to scrape all of it and re-write new ones. it's just time for a change, i guess, and i'm kind of excited!

anyway, i'm totally excited about my new look (all the thanks in the world to katie d.) and i can't wait to whip up new posts just so i can see how pretty they look in this new design, haha!


  1. Oh Momo, it looks amazing! Katie did an incredible job! Love the colors and just everything! Three years old looks good on BOB ;) <3

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