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Jan 20, 2011



Wow, so I just came home from school, checked my blogger dashboard and it turns out that Alex Pettyfer (swoon!) was offered the role to play Jace Weyland in the upcoming City of Bones movies!


Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but I'm still hopeful!

Look at him → → → → → →
LIKE Mmm-hmmm! YES, PLEASE! I want him to play Jace, that's for sure! Whooo-hoo!

To read more about Alex Pettyfer and his offer, visit Hollywood Crush HERE! You can also visit Vulture HERE for more info!


So, what do you think? Have you read this awesomeTASTIC series?! :) If you have or haven't, what do you think about Alexy PetttyfeeeR?! ♥ :)


  1. Um, YES PLEASE. I would love Alex Prettypants to play Jace! He has the look down pat!

  2. I have read this series and I love it...and I think Alex was created to play Jace. I mean just look at him! He's gorgeous and hot and gorgeous and...did I say hot already? Well, he is!


    Ah Lauren! Alex Prettypants - that's for sure! :)

    Jaime! EEEEK! I know! You couldn't have said that any better! He seriously was created to play Jace! Couldn't be more perfect!

  4. His awesome and all but I dunno, I will definitely see the movie though with him as eye candy :)

  5. I heard that too and I was looking everywhere to see if he said yes! This would be like his third movie adaption from a young adult book wow! That boy is like WANTED!

  6. God he is like the king of YA movies. Beastly, I Am Number Four and noe City Of Bones? I'm totally OK with it though. He's a hunka hunka burnin' love. ;D

  7. *sees picture and melts* Can I steal him? Please?
    I thought he got the offer a while ago. Maybe I'm confusing it with something else. *runs off to check Page to Premiere*
    Haven't read CoB YET, but I really want to, and I've heard Jace=awesomeness
    Alex>Awesomeness, though

  8. Yes! I was hoping he would be offered the part. How could he not be? Everyone seems to want him to play Jace (because he's perfect for the part). I hope he accepts!


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