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Jan 23, 2011

Sunday Confessions January 23, 2011

This is a weekly meme started by Marcie over at To Read or Not To Read as a way to get to share a bit about myself and also learning more about you. Sometimes it's about books and book related topics and sometimes it's not. This is all in good fun and I would love it if you would participate.
Today's Topic:
Do you need silence to read?
No, to an extent. I don't know when it started but now whenever I read I need music. I can't read in complete silence because, I don't know about you, but when it's completely silent, I get that ringing kinda of noise in my head and it bugs the poo outta me! Now when I listen to music, it can't just be whatever happens to shuffle along in my ipod. It has to match the overall atmosphere of the book. For example, if a sad scene happens to occur in the book, I need a slower song to listen too, or a....sad song to listen too. The lyrics don't really matter to me, but if after or during my reading, I happen to look up the lyrics and they describe the scene or the book, then it's just a plus. Same thing for when there's action happening, I need loud music. I think, in my opinion, music really sets the mood of the book. So now when I read, I always go search for the author's playlist, and if they don't have one, I start to read the book to get a feel for it, then I pick one or two songs to listen to while I read. Now here's the extent part - I can't read when there are a lot of noise around. If my nieces and nephews are around or when there's a family get together, I can't read because it becomes impossible to understand what I'm reading. It goes in one ear and totally out the other.
So, what about you? Do you need silence to read? :)


  1. I am half and half on the whole thing. I can't read in complete silence and I can't stand having a lot of noise. I read the best on the bus/light rail...Weird, huh? But it is perfect for me. But when I get my driver's license I am going to have figure something else out, find a reading place.

    I can't read at hom. It drives me insane. It isn't a perfect reading area for me. When I am at home I am usually distracted thinking about all things I have to get done and I can't read.

    If I do read at home, it's probally rarely and in the middle of the night. I really need to go in search of the perfect reading place. =D

  2. I don't need silence, but I take silence whenever I can get it since I have a 2 year old who is a chatterbox.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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