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Jan 24, 2011

Daily Dose (5)

"I love that so many people have taken this meme under their wing and are enjoying the theme. It's brilliant to pop over to random blogs and catch some inspiring images. If you'd like to participate in Daily Dose, simply make a post on Monday with a bunch of images you find magical and hope to inspire your readers with then share the link below."

This weekly meme is hosted by Good Golly Miss Holly :)

This week's Daily Dose is yet again, highly inspired by The Maine! :)

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The idea of making a playlist of the music I've been listening to a lot lately was from Alice over at The Reader Room! I think this idea is awesome because our blogs don't have to be just about books, lol!
I have nothing left to give
I have found a perfect end
You were made to make it hurt
Disappear into the dirt

Carry me to heaven's arms
Light the way and let me go
Take the time to take my breath
I will end where I began
Say something new
I have nothing left
I can't face the dark without you
There's nothing left to lose
The fighting never ends
I can't face the dark without you
Dead star shine
Light up the sky
I'm all out of breath
My walls are closing in
Days go by
Give me a sign
Come back to the end
The shepherd of the damned

I can feel you falling away

No longer the lost
No longer the same
And I can see you starting to break
I'll keep you alive
If you show me the way
Forever - and ever
the scars will remain
I'm falling apart
Leave me here forever in the dark

This week's Daily Dose of Music is all about Breaking Benjamin! I absolutely LOVE these three songs!

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  1. Hey! I'm a follower and recently I added you as my friend on Goodreads xD! Anyway, I just wanted to stop by, your blog is amazing. I really hope one day I could have so many friends and amazing people giving me feedback like you have! I'm a writer so your daily dose is really inspirational. Keep with the great work!
    Maybe you could pass by my blog too and give it a look. I'm new so, I'm really getting to now this blogging stuff. Good luck with everything anyway!

  2. OMG I LOVE THESE! Ugh! The Maine is just seriously so awesome!! All these lyrics are amazing too!
    I'm definitely checking out those songs by the way!
    Can I steal your Music Monday button?! I'll link back to your site! :) It gorgeous!

  3. Hello Alice! You are so sweet! Thanks for following me! :)

    AH Katie! I know! Beyond awesome! OMG! You totally have to check out these songs! They're insanely gRRRRRRRRReat! *__*

    My button - go right ahead! I know, I love it too!

  4. I was going to put that The Maine picture up :) Great pictures and music! <3 breaking Benjamin

  5. Love this pictures! There are so nice :)


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