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Jan 30, 2011

Random Post!


<BooksOverBoys> BRB
<AkashaHale> List so farL
<AkashaHale> Almost 40 books.
<AlexBG> OMG....
<AkashaHale> I know. lol.
<AkashaHale> We're gonna have to have a vote.
<BrielleBookworm> Haha. That should be interesting.
<AlexBG> OKay so I am trying to dowload google picasa and I am trying to add my folder full of images...
<AkashaHale> Awesome :D
<AlexBG> @Akasha when we you doing the votes??
<AkashaHale> We still need Katie. She needs to give us her list of book covers. lol
<AkashaHale> Today. Hopefully.
<Hannah> I'm almost done..
<AkashaHale> On this blog.
<Hannah> Katie was on Twitter a minute ago. But she just went off to Starbucks
* Ecey ( has joined #Official Book Blogger Get Togeth
<Hannah> Or not..
<Hannah> Hi Ecey!
<Ecey> Hey Hannah
<AlexBG> Ecey you're back!
<AkashaHale> brb
<AlexBG> @Akasha I'll be ready!
<Ecey> Yeah, kinda, I'm trying to write up some html so I'll be in and out of the conversation
<AkashaHale> I need to find a table thingy to set the book covers in for the votes.
<AkashaHale> Does anyone know where I can find one?
<Hannah> ummm...noooooooooo wait--noooo.
<AlexBG> Google it??
<Hannah> i can't think of one
<AkashaHale> Alrightly!
<AkashaHale> OH!
<AkashaHale> Mindful Musing knows.
<AkashaHale> brb
<AkashaHale> FOUND ONE!
<AkashaHale> I had it saved to favorites last time I used it.
<AlexBG> @Akasha YAY!
<Hannah> wooohoo
<BrielleBookworm> Phew.
<AkashaHale> brb lunch
<AlexBG> I am trying to figure this out...=D
<Hannah> kk Akasha
<AkashaHale> Back, why am I eating lunch at 3pm?
<AkashaHale> Katie just DM me her list of book covers :D
<Hannah> kk awesome :D
<AkashaHale> I found the codes for that table, I'll have all the book covers up soon.
<Hannah> ok. let us know when its up :)
<BrielleBookworm> Alrighty. :D
<AkashaHale> Damn! Wrong code.
<AkashaHale> Where did Momo go?
<Hannah> Momo...Momo..Where are you..?
<Hannah> lol
<AlexBG> MoooooMo!!
<AkashaHale> MOMO! *Looks under the bed*
<Hannah> *looks in closet*
<AkashaHale> *Monster jumps out*
<Hannah> lol!
<AkashaHale> Thats not Momo.
<AlexBG> *looks behind bookshelves*
<AkashaHale> :0
<AkashaHale> The bookshelf ate her.
<AlexBG> Awwww she will never be forgoten...
<AkashaHale> *Pokes Momo*
<Hannah> lol
<AlexBG> With a stick!
<AkashaHale> brb
<BrielleBookworm> Bas bookshelf. What did we telling you about eating our friends?
<BrielleBookworm> *Bad
<AlexBG> LOL! Brielle!
* DforDarla ( Quit
<Hannah> heehee
<BooksOverBoys> Back! Just had to wash a truck load of dishes!
<BooksOverBoys> Whew!
<AlexBG> Shes alive!
<BrielleBookworm> Alright, bookshelf, you're off the hook. *tosses bookshelf treat.*
<Hannah> yay
<BrielleBookworm> xD
<AlexBG> Lol.....
<BooksOverBoys> I just read all of that!
<BrielleBookworm> Haha.
<BooksOverBoys> You guys are tooo funny! I'm seriously saving that and putiing it on my blog! :)
<AlexBG> Sorry...we thought you were dead...
<BooksOverBoys> No lie!
<BooksOverBoys> At least I was remembered!
<AlexBG> Of course, not that I was about to steal all your books or anything..*cough*
<BrielleBookworm> xD
<BooksOverBoys> Haah! you guys make me laugh! . . .  and smile! :)
<BooksOverBoys> Is it just me or is the playlist not on the actual chat page?
<BrielleBookworm> Glad to know I made someone laugh, and smile, today. :D
<AlexBG> =D Well were glad you're okay!
<Hannah> heehee. don't worry, Momo, I would have tackled and Xander and kept the books for myself.
<BooksOverBoys> Awh thanks!

The purple is when I left and when I returned! *__*
I love these girls! That was totally the highlight of my Sunday! ♥


  1. Love you too Momo!! <3 See? LOL no I see how random we were.....

  2. Haha! Warning: Chatting may cause randomness. :D


  3. Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaaa!*ROFL*


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