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Jan 13, 2011

Up to date w/school #2

So, I have to present "A Sight in Camp in the Daybreak Gray and Dim" by Walt Whitman to my English class on Tuesday, and I was wondering if any of you have a "one of a kind" idea for me and my group to keep the class entertained in regards to the poem? For example, we have to basically present the poem, who it's by, what it means, and bleh bleh bleh. So far we have in mind, a powerpoint - cause it's easy, a quiz to test my fellow classmates of their understanding of the poem, and a wordsearch. But I feel like we should do something more, something fun and something that will last about 15 minutes of the class period, lol! Any ideas would be lovely! If you've got any, please submit by tonight! LOL! I'm trying to get them all in so I can type them up on Word and print them out so my teacher can go make 40+ copies over the weekend! :) Thank you!

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  1. You could act it out! :) Always entertaining :D


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