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Jan 17, 2011

Daily Dose (4)

"I love that so many people have taken this meme under their wing and are enjoying the theme. It's brilliant to pop over to random blogs and catch some inspiring images. If you'd like to participate in Daily Dose, simply make a post on Monday with a bunch of images you find magical and hope to inspire your readers with then share the link below."

This meme is hosted by Holly over at Good Golly Miss Holly :)

http://img378.imageshack.us/img378/8453/600fu ll8231953ic8.jpg

Saying Images  Images with Quotes

SayingImages.com-Amazing Images With Inspired Sayings - Part 3

Being strong / Images I ♥ stolen from the internet: 26.9.10

Saying Images-Amazing Images With Inspired Sayings

Лента изображений - Интернет в картинках: formalista

(via fuckyeahbritmapp)

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The idea of making a playlist of the music I've been listening to a lot lately was from Alice over at The Reader Room! I think this idea is awesome because our blogs don't have to be just about books, lol!

This is my first time participating in this one, but what I think I'll do is after my Daily Dose then my Daily Dose of Music will be right underneath. I'll try to stick to just five songs. Maybe three sometimes. Lol! I don't want to overwhelm my readers!
'cause everytime i try to talk to you
i end up feeling so confused
like you can't hear a word i'm saying
when i'm trying to be close to you
i'm having trouble getting through
i can't stand it
it's so tragic
i feel static between us

She said "Hello mister, please to meet ya"
I wanna hold her, I wanna kiss her
She smelled of daisies, smelled of daisies
She drive me crazy, drive me crazy

Save your heart
For someone that's worth dying for
Don't give it away
Torn apart
Never getting what you've been crying for
It's always the same 

Stay safe stay strong
And let me know that you'll be here while I am gone
Because I'm coming home
Coming home tonight
Let's get this right
I said I'm coming home
Coming home tonight



  1. Wow, those are really inspiration!
    I love that one that says "will you live or simply exist?"
    By far my favorite.

  2. MOMO! No flipping way! I almost put up the first picture on my daily dose! Well it was a girl with hot pink nail polish holding up the saying but still! AND the Be your own hero is the background on my phone! Dude brain waves connecting!
    I love all of these! They are totally inspirational! I really like the third one! :)

  3. I actually loved all your images. So pretty and so meaningful. Definitely inspirational! I will be listening to all the music as you must have great taste being a fan of The Maine :)

  4. l love all these and the quotes are great! l love quotes =)


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